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Our Approach

VI Group invests primarily in middle-market companies with strong fundamentals, favorable competitive position, attractive growth prospects, and superior management teams. We adhere to a value-oriented, risk-adjusted investment approach that emphasizes a disciplined investment process (industry analysis, extensive due diligence, leveraging global relationships, structuring and financing experience and focus on operational oversight). In addition, VI Group's general partners invest significant capital in each transaction.

VI Groups seeks out transactions in which we invest capital alongside an industry partner. As corporations enter Vietnam and the economy is liberalized in accordance with Vietnam's WTO commitments, we believe this strategy will lead to a significant number of investment opportunities for our corporate partners. Teaming up with corporate partners enables us to benefit from access to their knowledge base and operational synergies and to compete more effectively against other investors.

VI Group is able to pool significant capital and industry expertise through its global network of financial and industry partners. These partners assist our portfolio companies with their experience, finding business development opportunities, entering new markets and operations best practices to reduce costs.

We are building a network of skilled former senior corporate executives who can join or actively advise the management teams of portfolio companies. We structure each investment to align the economic interests of all constituencies: the owners and management teams of our portfolio investments, VI Group's investment team and co-investors. Accordingly, we work closely with each management team to construct performance targets and incentive programs that align with the company's strategic roadmap and support the ultimate objective of rewarding value creation.

The VI Group post-investment team works with senior managers of our portfolio companies to design ways of growing and improving their business, determine the optimal capital structure to support a company's business strategy and provide access to a global network of resources that strengthen operational execution. We are proactive board members who understand that managers need operational autonomy. We want the managers of our portfolio companies to own the results of their decisions.

Our portfolio companies assume prudent levels of debt that enable them to invest for growth and weather economic downturns. We work closely with management to develop operating budgets that support research and development, capital spending, and acquisitions. In addition, we help our companies to design and execute plans for improving operations in such areas as IT, HR, sales, and marketing.